Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Call for Nominations: ISSS Governing Council

via ISA:
Nominations are invited for elections to the Governing Council of the INTERNATIONAL SECURITY STUDIES SECTION (ISSS) of the International Studies Association. Members of this council assume the broad responsibility of assisting in the governance of the section. We welcome nominations from all regions of the world. It is desirable to have diversity on the governing council across categories that include race, ethnicity, and gender.  It is also desirable to have diversity across professional pursuits including academia, think tanks, NGOs, and government organizations. This year a total of four members will be elected to the Governing Council for a three-year term. At least one of these should be a graduate student elected to the designated student representative position. Nominees must be members of the section at the time of the election. Nominations should be sent to and must be received by November 23, 2012.