Monday, October 31, 2011

IRCPPS in the Links: Seif Gadhafi and the International Criminal Court

Emily Ritter and Scott Wolford write in to the Monkey Cage on Seif Gadhafi's possible attempt to surrender to the ICC:
 ...the ICC might view this as an opportunity to raise its profile and increase its institutional stature by prosecuting a high-profile suspect and bringing an otherwise costly period of Seif al-Islam remaining a fugitive to a quicker end. However, our paper also identifies that the benefits of pre-arrest bargaining may also come at a cost: if leaders expect that they can negotiate marginally better deals for themselves prior to surrender (which, in this case, may mean living out one’s twilight years in a country where one isn’t likely to be prosecuted again or killed), then they’ll also be marginally more willing to commit war crimes or crimes against humanity in the first place...