Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Call for Papers: Politics and the Life Sciences

via ISA:
Politics and the Life Sciences, a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published by the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences, is issuing a general call for research papers.  PLS covers a broad range of topics, including evolutionary and laboratory insights into political cooperative behavior, group conflict, war and terrorism; neuroscientifically based studies of political emotion and cognition; nonverbal analysis of leader displays; political analysis of life-sciences research, health policy, environmental policy, and biosecurity policy; and, philosophical analysis of life sciences problems, such as bioethical controversies. In addition to research articles, the journal also publishes reviews, analytical perspective pieces, book reviews, and invited theme essays. Contributors include political scientists and political behaviorists; biosecurity and international-security experts; communication researchers; life scientists, clinicians, health policy scholars, and bioethicists; moral and evolutionary philosophers; environmental scientists and ecological economists; political-behavioral and environmental historians; science policy scholars and historians of science; and legal scholars. To submit, please send a blind copy of your paper, with a separate cover sheet listing contact information, as an e-mail attachment to Laurette Liesen, Contributing Editor for Submissions and Peer Review, Submissions should include an abstract, along with a set of key words relevant to the article. Please see the journal WEBSITE for more information.