Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Call for Applicants: "Rethinking Diplomacy": residential fellowships for 2012-13 at the Institute for Historical Studies, UT-Austin

via PSRT-L:
For the 2012-13 theme, the Institute for Historical Studies at TheUniversity of Texas at Austin envisions a fundamental and substantivere-thinking of scholarly approaches to diplomacy as a worldwide,multi-disciplinary, historical practice.

Applicants should state unambiguously how they take a new and creativeposition vis a vis the individuals, communities, and states that havefrequently defined the historical study of diplomacy. 

We are particularly interested in exploring the meaning and practice ofdiplomacy in pre-modern times and non-Western societies and in a widerange of questions. How have different societies defined diplomacy? Whatwere the underlining concepts of diplomatic engagement? In what ways wasthe practice of diplomacy gendered?  What was the process by which onebecame a diplomat? Was statecraft clearly distinguished from actualdiplomatic dealing or were the two synonymous? How have individuals andorganizations conceived and practiced diplomacy in non-conventional sitesand spaces? 

This IHS project is part of a broader cross-campus initiative on"Rethinking Diplomacy" that also includes the Lyndon B. Johnson School ofPublic Affairs, the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Securityand Law, the Department of Government, the Center for European Studies,and British Studies. Together, the IHS and the campus-wide initiative aimsto interrogate, stretch, and ultimately re-shape the ways the relationsbetween societies and their representatives are conceptualized.
For further information on the IHS, the theme, the programming, andapplications for residential fellowships for 2012-13, see the IHS website: