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Call for Applicants: PhD Fellowships in Political Theory at Central European University

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Call for Applications:
Political Theory Track of CEU Doctoral Program in Political Science,CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY
We invite applications for the Political Theory Track of CEU Doctoral Program in Political Science for the Academic Year 2012-2013. The Political Theory track is designed to prepare students for a career in academia and institutions of applied research. It is highly competitive and welcomes applications from graduates of Political Science, Philosophy, Law, Sociology, Economics, and related disciplines.

About the ProgramThe Political Theory track of the CEU Doctoral Program is one of five specialized tracks in CEU’s political science PhD program. It focuses on theoretical and applied perspectives in normative political theory. Major topics include justice, political obligation, democratic theory, applied political theory, philosophy of the social sciences and its application to normative problems, transitional justice among others.
While being operated by the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations, the Political Theory track is at the same time jointly announced by the Departments of Political Science and Philosophy. This provides students engaged in this track with relatively easy access to courses offered by Philosophy and an opportunity to share seminars with philosophy students.
PhD studies comprise coursework and a research phase. Probationary Doctoral Candidates earn 24 credits over the course of their first two academic years. Course work focuses on the development of professional level research and analytical skills in the fields of normative political theory, distributive and transitional justice, democracy, ethics, and applied political theory. After passing the comprehensive examination and successfully defending the Prospectus, PhD Candidates conduct research on their doctoral project. During the research period for their dissertation, students have the opportunity to spend time at another university.
Much of the student work in the doctoral program is centered on doctoral student workshops and departmental seminars, where PhD candidates also have the opportunity to get in touch with visiting scholars from the most outstanding European and US universities. As the department’s faculty is actively involved in European Union-funded research projects, doctoral candidates gain direct access to academic networks, workshops, conferences in their field, both at CEU and beyond.
FundingStudents admitted into CEU doctoral programs are eligible to receive the CEU Doctoral Fellowship for up to three years. Doctoral enrollment may continue up to a maximum of six years. Numerous additional funding opportunities exist, such as the Doctoral Research Support Grant Program, the Erasmus Mobility Scheme, and various research and travel funds. Travel support from CEU for participation in major academic conferences and summer schools is also available. Further information on financial aid is available at:www.ceu.hu/admissions/financialaid/doctoral.

AdmissionsAll applicants must meet the General CEU Admissions Requirements (see:www.ceu.hu/admissions/apply), and submit:
·         curriculum vitae;
·         proof of relevant English language competency;
·         a 1,500-word research proposal;
  • a 500-word statement of purpose;
·         two confidential letters of recommendation;
·         relevant undergraduate and graduate transcripts and diplomas;
·         a summary of the MA thesis.
The deadlines for applications are·         January 25, 2012.More information and inquiriesFor further information on the Political Theory Track please visithttp://pds.ceu.hu or contact Andres Moles at the Department of Political Science, Central European University.
Email: molesa@ceu.hu.
For further information on the Doctoral School’s academic programs and courses, specific entry requirements, and a list of faculty, visit the Doctoral School’s website and contact the Doctoral School at http://pds.ceu.hu. Email:ds@ceu.huCEU Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations: Nador u. 9, 1051 Budapest, Hungary