Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Call for Applicants: Funded Pre-Doc Fellowship at George Washington University

received via e-mail:

*Predoctoral Fellowships*>>>      *at the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies*>>>      *Elliott School of International Affairs*>      *George Washington University*>      *Washington, DC*>> *Click here for the application form*> <http://www.gwu.edu/%7Eiscs/about/fellowapp.cfm>

>>>          _Description_>> The Institute for Security and Conflict Studies (ISCS) at the Elliott> School of International Affairs, George Washington University, is> pleased to offer residential pre-doctoral fellowships for the 2012-2013> academic year. These fellowships will provide funding to outstanding> doctoral students whose dissertations are likely to make significant> contributions in the field of international security studies. Areas of> research focus include, but are not limited to: nuclear weapons and> nonproliferation; the intersection between energy and international> security; causes and consequences of conflict; grand strategy; domestic> determinants of security policy; regional security; U.S. foreign policy;> and the rise of China. Appointments fund one academic year of full-time> dissertation research and writing. While in residence, fellows are> expected to actively contribute to the intellectual life of the Institute.>>> In addition, ISCS offers a limited number of unfunded residential> fellowships. Applications for these positions are accepted on a rolling> basis, but for full consideration, they should be submitted by the> January 15th deadline for funded fellowships.>>>          _About the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies_>> Established in fall 2009, the Institute for Security and Conflict> Studies serves to advance scholarly research and graduate education, to> improve public understanding of key international security issues, and> to inform the development of national security policy. The Institute> boasts an exceptionally strong faculty> <http://www.gwu.edu/%7Eiscs/about/> with diverse research interests> within international security studies. A variety of programs, such as> the Security Workshop Series> <http://www.gwu.edu/%7Eiscs/events/workshop.cfm>, the Security Policy> Forum <http://elliott.gwu.edu/news/events/spf.cfm>, and the Nuclear> Policy Talks> <http://elliott.gwu.edu/news/events/nuclear-policy-talks.cfm>, expose> fellows to cutting-edge research and offer unique windows into the day's> most pressing policy debates. Fellows also have the opportunity to> present their work at the Institute's informal brown-bag seminar series,> where they receive valuable feedback from leading scholars in the field.>>>          _Eligibility_>> Applicants must be pursuing a Ph.D. in political science, public policy,> history or a related discipline, and should have made substantial> progress toward completion of a dissertation relevant to international> security studies. Additionally, applicants must have passed all> qualifying exams and advanced to the level of Ph.D. candidacy prior to> the start of the appointment.>>>          _Award Information_>> Funded fellows receive a stipend of $22,000 over the course of their> appointment, which will run from August 15, 2012 through June 15, 2013.> Both funded and unfunded fellows will be assigned a computer and shared> office space at the Institute, which is located in the heart of downtown> Washington, DC.>>>          _Application Process:_>> Applicants for funded and unfunded positions should complete the online> application form <http://www.gwu.edu/%7Eiscs/about/fellowapp.cfm>, and> submit the following materials (PDF is preferred) via email, with> "Predoctoral Fellowship" in the subject line, to iscs@gwu.edu> <mailto:iscs@gwu.edu>:>>   1. A curriculum vitae;>   2. A 4 to 5 page double-spaced dissertation prospectus that outlines>      the question and argument, explains the project's contribution to>      the field of international security studies, and describes the>      research and writing to be undertaken during the fellowship year;>   3. A short writing sample (no longer than 40 pages);>   4. Three confidential letters of recommendation attesting to the>      applicant's scholarly promise and progress toward completion.>      *Letter writers should email their recommendations directly to>      iscs@gwu.edu <mailto:iscs@gwu.edu> with "Predoctoral Fellowship" in>      the subject line.*>> All materials must be received no later than *January 15th, 2012*.> Applicants will be notified of the Institute's decision by early March2012.>> For more information:> Phone: 202-994-4032 <tel:202-994-4032>> Email: iscs@gwu.edu <mailto:iscs@gwu.edu>http://www.gwu.edu/~iscs/ <http://www.gwu.edu/%7Eiscs/>>